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Watercolor Paint in a Carry-on Bag

Has anyone traveled to England and back with watercolors in their carry-on? I figure I could put them in my 3-1-1 bag, but didn't know if TSA or airport security in England would take them because they're "different". I usually make do with watercolor pencils for a quick sketch, but since we're traveling sans kids this time I thought I might have time for the "real deal". Or, if you've traveled with paint in your checked luggage, has that been a problem was far as TSA checking it out? My paints travel in a metal box inside a plastic bag, so leakage shouldn't be a problem.

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I'm a fellow artist...It might help if you put paints in clear plastic box...if your paints are in metal tubes...think about the classic pan paints instead...I've discovered water soluble crayons which I use with the watercolor pencils. I use "baby wipes" to do a quick drying color field. You can use regular non-soluble pencils to act as resist and keep your lines. Also you might just think about buying a portible set when you get there...Derwent has a museum in the Lake District.

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I agree, the pan paints would be a good idea. If you don't want to buy a set, maybe just get the empty pans and fill them with the paint from the tubes you already have and let them harden before you travel. Derwent do a really compact travelling set. If you really want to travel with the tubes in your hand luggage, I think you'd be OK leaving the UK, as the rule for liquids is 100ml and those tubes aren't usually that big.

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One of my favorite memories of my 2007 trip to London was waiting at the British Museum to open up and watching an older Chinese woman do a quick watercolor of one of the statues outside the entrance doors in the rotunda as we waited. It was amazing to me to watch her work so quickly to capture the statue on her paper. Enjoy your trip.