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Warwick Castle Suggestions

We will be visiting Warwick Castle on July 22nd. May I have suggestions as to what we should not miss seeing? Will there be jousting.

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We enjoyed all of the outdoor events (jousting, trebuchet, etc) but the rooms of the castle were quite boring as Ron mentioned. The one really interesting area was the prison area...not sure if that's what it's called, but it had a really long line (since only so many people can go in at a time) and it's just inside the castle to the left. Also, as Ron recommended climbing the tower is definitely worthwhile.

It looks as though there should be jousting on July 22nd. Here's what the website says...

The Great Mediaeval Summer
19th July – 31st August

This summer, Warwick Castle will be bursting with mediaeval activities including jousting, jesting, minstrels, fighting knights, falconry, archery and the mighty Warwick trebuchet - plus indoor themed experiences and a whole castle full of adventure to discover every day.

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We visited Warwick mid May and loved it. I didn't even read what Rick said so we just explored it on our own. Actually, we added a side train stop to see Warwick castle so I didn't read ahead on it as I didn't expect to go. We walked about 10 min. from the train station and had a wonderful day. My kids loved seeing the dungeon. The rooms were o.k., but the grounds were beautiful, the bird show, the "Flight of the Eagles" which will still be going on when you are there, was funny and enjoyable. The commentator had a good sense of humor and the birds were fun to watch too. I loved walking to the top of the tower as the view was beautiful to me, English countryside. It didn't seem like 250 steps, but I wasn't counting.

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My wife and I loved Warwick castle. We were there in January so there were no crowds whatsoever. Unlike one of the earlier posts, we also very much like the "newer" parts of the castle since they show very clearly what it much have been like for the Warwicks living there during that time.

I suggest reading up on the Warwicks a bit before the visit--it will be eye opening! ;-)

Here, for example, is a short bio for Daisy Warwick:,_Countess_of_Warwick

Also, the town itself around the castle is quite interesting, including a hospital founded in 1571:

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I LOVED Warwick Castle, especially the rooms set and furnished in the period. The wax figures were so lifelike I almost spoke to some. There is a lovely walk below the English garden, topiary etc. I am sure that they have a website you can use for finding out what special events are on. Enjoy the day.