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Warwick Castle in The Midlands

I will be in Birmingham in July, and was wondering if anyone has visited the Warwick Castle. And if so, if it is worth the trip? Any comments would be welcome.

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English friends of ours took us there for a day, my 14 yr old son and I .. and we really enjoyed it.

It had a great jousting show that day too,, and it was well done.

I thought it was a tad expensive,, but really in list of things we have done ,, yes, it was worth it.

The food onsite we thought was rather gross though..

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Orv - I found Warwick Castle to be quite enjoyable.
Here is a link to their website Warwick Castle

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We enjoyed Warwick Castle, we also enjoyed Dudley Castle which is 8 miles northwest of Birmingham on A457

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Warwick Castle is a wonderful castle -- one of my favorites. Don't miss it.

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If you are going to Warwick and can spare an extra 1-2 hours, it is interesting to also visit Kenilworth Castle which is only six miles away. It is beautifully ruined and makes a great contrast to completely restored Warwick.

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My parents live about a mile away from Warwick Castle so its somewhere I'm pretty familiar with. Its definitely worth a trip, especially now that the weather is getting nicer here. Also you can go up the tower of St Mary's Church in Warwick (I believe it cost around £1.50 about 3 years ago to do this) which gives you a wonderful view over Warwick and of the Castle too. You can also look round the Church and, if the fancy takes you, do brass rubbings etc. Warwick is a nice little town in itself, bordering Leamington Spa (the town centres are roughly 1 3/4 miles apart, but there are plenty of buses etc to get around in. Also in Warwick is the town museum (not been there for a few years, but I think it may be free entrance) on the market square. Not a bad little museum. There are also some good restaurants in Warwick. Leamington is a different sort of town - far more Regency buildings, and there's the pump rooms. Perhaps not so historical, but there are some nice parks and various things going on over the summer and there's usually a brass band playing in Victoria Park at the weekend. If you squint hard enough you can almost believe its 1909...

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I would arrive right when they open, it can get very busy in the summer months.