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Walks in London

Has anyone ever done the Beatles Walk? Please let me know what you thought of it.

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If you mean the London Walks "Beatles in my life" walk, I did that one about 8 years ago. I liked it well enough.

Mostly, I chose it because an window of time was suddenly available one morning when I was in London, when I could take one of the London Walks. Of the offerings available, the Beatles walk was the one most feasible in terms of time, location, interest, etc. So I hopped the Tube up the meeting point and took it.

I'm not the world's biggest Beatles fan but did enjoy the walk. In my case, at least half the enjoyment was just being out and about in London on a nice spring morning, with a guy who knew something about what we were looking at. And as we were standing in front of a house on Wimpole Street, where Richard was explaining taht somebody or other had shared a flat for awhile in 1960-something, I noticed a blue plaque on a wall, and stepped over to read it. It mentioned Elizabeth Barrett Browning (and/or Robert Browning) and I did a mental head-slap. Of course! The Barretts of Wimpole Street!

That's one thing I love about London; the layers of history.

I hope that someone who's taken the walk more recently, will contribute here. I didn't consider it a waste of time at all.

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We did a Beatles walk..there are a couple of them. We did the one where you Abbey Road studios and many other sites that were important in the life of the Beatles. Like the previous poster, we didn't do it because we were huge Beatles fans, but it was a great walk. You can't help but walk by a lot of sites in London, and our guide talked about some of the stories behind them as well as stories about the Beatles. Quite frankly, we enjoyed it more than we thought we would. (I guess going into something with low expectations helps, if your expectations are really high, it can be hard to live up to. This is a good, informative walk with a guide who knows his subject matter)

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If you're a Beatles fan, don't miss it. There are actually two of them. (I took it when there was only one.)

Richard is a character. There is no one more knowledgeable about the Beatles than Richard. Not only has he won numerous Beatles trivia contests, he's also written the definitive guide to Beatles' London.

I still remember the tour and I took it in 1993. My cousin is a Beatles fanatic. He took it a few years ago and loved it.

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We did a Beatles walk with Richard when we were in London in 2002. My husband, two teenaged boys and I all loved it. We are all big Beatles fans.