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walking tours in England

What's the best way to go about doing a walking tour for seven to ten days in England, with other kinds of touring before and after? Is the self-guided walking tour with luggage transfer the best way to go?

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I have found that I have more fun and see more interesting places when I do a tour. I've only walked briefly on my own in England, but in Scotland, I've walked with a group. Most of the time, we've been based in one place and gone out for daily walks. In Scotland this works. I've friend who did a walking trip in Scotland with REI. They changed locations, but the company took care of luggage. What I liked about my group was that it was a local company and so the tour members were from the UK and Europe and me as the lone American. The walking part of my trip was usually seven days. I would plan on some time at the beginning and end for wee bit of touring. If you google walking holidays you'll get lots of companies. My group was at most ten people and usually we were fewer. There are also walking sites on the web for local clubs. Check out the Ramblers site zt Pam

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try the sherpavan , walkers forum.
I heartly recommend the first western section of the coast-to-coast

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Check out the Footpath Holidays website. They have several types of walking tours available.

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Check out HF Walking Holidays. They're centered in the UK, but offer walks throughout the world. Friends have gone on many and highly recommend them. They typically are a week long, though there are City Breaks of 3-4 days, and other variations. You can do guided walking or self guided.

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We just completed a 55 mile walk along the Thames River in September. We used the National Trail website for most information, bought the Thames Walking Path book, stayed in two different pubs and did most of our walking in the very rural areas of England. There were four of us and one person would take us to the start of each day's walk and then meet us for lunch/evening pick-up at a pre-arranged time in a village along the way. We spent a total of 3 weeks in Europe (Paris and then Italy for 10 days) and we all felt the time walking in England was the highlight. In fact, we are now planning our next walking trip.