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Walk Across Cotswolds

My previous post appears to have been deleted so I'm trying this again .... In one of his TV programs, RS mentioned a walk across the Cotswolds from village to village. It was something like an annual "trespass," which is perfectly legal, to help keep these walking paths on private lands open to the public. My hubby and I want to bring our son in mid-May for his high-school graduation trip. The plan is they'll walk from village to village. I may occasionally join them, but I'll have a car and meet them at the B&B or hotel in the villages each night. .... Has anyone done this or even know what I'm talking about? ...Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated. Thanks.

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I remember seeing Rick walk from Upper Slaughter to Lower Slaughter, which is a mile. It's two miles from the Slsughters to Bourton on the Water and 2 miles to Stow on the Wold. You can get ordinanxe maps and walking tour guides that cover all aspects at any tourist office in any Cotswolds village. One of the best is The Cotswold Way Handbook published by the English Ramblers' Association. Here is their email address that you could write for information~~
[email protected] Their phone number is 011-44-207-339-8500. Hopes this helps.

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Just today there was a passport to Europe show on the travel channel with Samantha Brown. It was on bath, and the cotswolds. It showed her walking on this path. I think she said it was something like 100 km total. The path crosses private property, but is open to the public and goes from village to village. It sounds like fun! sorry I can't be of more help.

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Hi Elizabeth
This link might help you get started: or this one:

Alternatively, search Google for " Cotswolds Mass Tresspass " and you'll find a bit more information, although it may be more historical than anything. It appears the Ramblers Association are the organizers of this. If all else fails, perhaps you should email Rick Steves directly (via this site) requesting more information, especially since it was mentioned on one of his shows. Sounds like fun. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

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Perhaps you are thinking of the "Cotswold Way" a long distance path, rougly following the Severn?
You might want to google it.

The Ramblers Assoc has a "mass trespass" each year to maintain the public right to hike across private/public land on marked/signed trails.

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Thank you for the suggestions. This will definitely help us get started. If anyone else thinks of anything else, please post. Thanks so much!

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I was in the Cotswolds two weeks ago and only then did I realize what RS and Samantha Brown were talking about. I would definitely recommend at least walking from one village to the next...or back again. When you get there, you'll see what I mean. The Cotsolds is beautiful country. I wish I was with someone who really wanted to walk (alot) like me. What I was able to squeeze in was a little hike on part of the Cotswolds Way. We were in Chipping Campden that day. I walked right out of the Volunteer Inn and followed the signs up the hill for Cotswolds Way and came into a pasture with sheep then amazing valley views especially to the North. If you happen to be in or near Campden & can't walk all day, I would recommend this walk which takes about an hour. I wish I could have walked down the valley heading North but it was getting late and my mom and I needed to find a place to stay.
I met a group who actually walked from Bath to Campden. I don't think I'd want to lug everthing.

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Elizabeth -

This is the Cotswold Way walk. It is approximately 100 miles from Bath to Chipping Campden (or vice versa). There are many agencies that will arrange your accomodation each night while moving your luggage so you only need a backpack for the day. If you Google Cotswold Way you will get masses of information. We walked part of it while in Broadway and it is truly one of the most beautiful parts of England.