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Vitamins and Customs Inspection

My wife and I take a total of about 10 different vitamins and supplements. We don't want to take along the jars they came in (too big, take up too much space). So I was wondering, because of all the new and ever changing "security" rules, will bringing in these pills in baggies cause us trouble? Thanks.

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Don't have a definitive answer for you, since every Customs agent will look at you differently. However, we've just taken one empty vitamin jar and put all of our different vitamins in the one jar. But we don't have 10 different ones. Could you cut a few out for the duration of your trip? One final point: European customs tend to work on the honor system. If you have nothing to declare, then you just walk right on through. Unless, of course, a customs agent doesn't like something about you...

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I was afraid of that as well - I take GNC Men's Vita Packs, Glucosamine, antacids, and so on. In 2005 I brought a bunch with me to Scandinavia, and had no problems.

However, on my next trip in July I'll probably just pack individual vitamins in a bag. I'm going for two months, so I don't have the space to bring that much (my last trips were for 16 days each).

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Thanks for the information. I guess we'll just take our chances. If they are taken away, oh well.

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I combine mine in a single jar. Glucosamine, multi-vitamin, etc., go in a Centrum jar. No one has ever looked at it.

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I put all of mine (6 types) in a clear nalgene plastic bottle. I put a label on the bottle that described each one. I was never asked about them going or coming (London, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Rome). If any of them are liquid filled/gel types, you may have issues, so keep those separate.

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I take a lot of vitamins and travel to Europe every year (for the past 4 years, this is #5). My vitamins are all packed just like always: I have a multi-slot pill holder - got it at Wal-Mart. It's about 6" by 2" by 1". I have never had a problem or even a question, and that has included multiple flights to/from Europe, within continental Europe and to/from UK and Ireland. I do label the outside of each slot with the type of supplement, such as, B-12 or Flax Seed Oil; maybe that has done the trick.