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visiting Ireland in September

Are there any towns/cities that we should plan to spend more than one night at?

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Dingle Peninsula without a doubt. Sleep in the town of Dingle, one day touring the peninsula and one day touring the town.

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Marsha, depending on your time available, you might want to try to spend at least a couple of nights in each place. We have found as a rule it is preferable to forgo seeing some things in order to spend a couple of nights in order to better appreciate those places you visit.

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I'm with Ron, try staying in say 4 places, North, South, West and Dublin. Those are good jumping off points to check the area without moving around too much. You may find a place you think is great or you may learn you don't need to stay there NEXT time, but at least you are getting to know the area and a host if B & B's are your style. We still love our landlady from Malahide north of Dublin; unfortuantely she isn't doing the business anymore ;-(

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therein lies the challenge in Ireland. It takes a bit of driving to get from one spot to the other. Spending one day anywhere is not worth it. 2 days at least.