Visiting historic manor homes in the Cotswolds with priest holes!

We will be touring the Cotswolds region 1st week in May. Any suggestions on tours of historic manor homes, especially with priest holes/tunnels? I have a couple of leads, but usually post my questions on this website as the information given has always been very useful! In advance, thank you - Patricia

Posted by Kathleen
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Check with the National Trust UK...they might give you some leads on priest holes. Historic Scotland offers floor plans of their properties. Did you see "Skyfall"..."M" escapes thru priest hole. Read Edward Rutherfords "New Forest". One chapter features the Jacobian War.

Posted by Monte
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The term "priest holes" is surprisingly new to me. Did they shove them in or shove them out?

Posted by Keith
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Strictly speaking it is probably not in the Cotswolds, but if you have a car Coughton Court is nearby and has a priest hole (given it's history as a RC family house and the plots it/they were linked to, it is just the sort of place that would). But if it is essential you can visit the "hole", might be worth checking it is on the tour. Also, note it is not fully open every day. A bit further to drive, it may be too far - but Baddesley Clinton has several and is open every day. You can see one of the holes.

Posted by Philip
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A little bit further north than the Cotswolds proper, but one of the most elaborate priest hole complexes in England is at Harvington Hall near Kidderminster (

Posted by Nigel
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I second Baddesley Clinton. Other than it having been for many years in my backyard - full disclosure so you can see how biased my comments are - it is a lovely moated manor house. Still has plenty of ducks in the moat - no, they're not caught for dinner, at least as far as I know - stained glass, good restaurant with tasty reasonably priced grub, sheep up next to the house and great walks all around, excellent docents in the rooms who will tell you anything you want to know, the kitchen is well worth seeing as are the various secrets you will discover as you wander around the delightful old house. Note the connections with the "Gunpowder Plot" by Guy Fawkes and Co., to blow up the houses of Parliament. Do be advised that it is in Warwickshire just near Stratford but certainly out of the Cotswolds. Well worth the time. Best with a car. Be aware of the Early May Bank Holiday.

Posted by Nicole P
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lol Monte...I was thinking it sounded a little...'risque' the title