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Victoria Tube Station

Hello! I am leaving for London next week and have a question about the Victoria Tube Station. It is I am sure a stupid question but I want to make sure I have as much planned as possible to avoid delays, etc. I know the station is currently under construction but it is still open for use, correct? I need to get to Buckingham Palace Road so am planning on getting off the Tube at Victoria Station and want to make sure that is still possible with the construction. I used the "journey planner" on the TFL website but it confused me a little bit. I am assuming I should just plan on alotting extra time to manuveur through the station? Thanks in advance for any help! :)

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Laura, I was just thru there last week and it seemed most of the construction was out in front of the station itself where a large office block has been taken down and another is going up. If you are going in the direction of Buckingham Palace you should cross Buckingham Palace Road and walk along the other side due to the construction. If you are walking away from the Palace area toward the coach station you are headed away from the construction area.

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Victoria underground station is one of the busiest, but the connections between the street to the ticket halls and to the platforms have been inadequate for a long time, as for that matter are the ticket halls themselves. All are being replaced over a number of years, and the whole new station won't be complete until 2018. One of the main reasons for it taking so long is that it has to remain open. All kinds of temporary access changes are being made, but no total closure. Interchange at the station between lines has been discouraged at this station for years because of the poor segregation of people flows coming and going within the station. This is in retrospect poor design but when the Victoria Line was built in the 1960s usage of the underground was in a sharp decline. Outside of peak time though it is still reasonable.

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I will definitely use your advice Pam! Thanks to both for the info! :)

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I passed through Victoria station this afternoon. Look for the signs pointing to Buckingham Palace Road. There is construction everywhere in this city - watch where you step!!

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We recently walked from Buckingham Palace to Victoria Station. There is a lot of construction with baracades and detours. We lost our way a couple of times, but we made it in due course. If I were toting luggage, I'd take a taxi.