Victoria Station to Heathrow

Four of us will be traveling to Heathrow from Victoria district of London on Wednesday May 29 for early afternoon flights. Any caveats or suggestions?

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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If you plan to use Oyster cards to get around while you're in London, use those cards to take the Tube from Victoria to LHR. Take the District Line to Hammersmith and the Piccadilly Line from there to LHR. At Hammersmith the connection only requires walking a few feet from one side of the platform to the other. The fare taken from each card will be £3.00. If you'll have too much luggage to make taking the Tube workable, take a National Express coach (highway bus) directly from Victoria Coach Station to LHR. The fare is £6.00.

Posted by gone
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hi, the london tubes are great and make it so easy to get around. just be aware of many stairs, sometimes escalators and mind the gap. happy trails.

Posted by Tod
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The advice here is good - the only thing I would add is to be aware that the Piccadilly line splits before Heathrow so make sure you get on the Heathrow bound train and not an Uxbridge bound train. Not that I've ever done that... ahem =Tod

Posted by Suz
Denver, USA
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Because there are four of you to split the cost, an airport car service might be worth it to you for convenience - including door to door service so you aren't schlepping your bags through the Tube or to Victoria Station for the coach (bus). I haven't used one but I've heard Just Airports recommended.

Posted by Diane
Westford, MA, USA
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Tim, your answer to this frequently asked question is very appreciated.
After researching my options I am considering the Tube or Just Airports car service(need pricing) The National Express has adequate service but if I understand their schedule correctly, my trip from Victoria to LHR would be 3 hours as their last stop is T5 which is what I need for my flight. I only have (1) carry-on rolling luggage & a Boarding Tote & I was looking to avoid schelping my bag up & down stairs, etc. Depending on the city I have used both public tranist or a taxi. I know a taxi is off my list for London!

Posted by Kevin
near Ringwood, Hampshire, UK
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Diane, where are you seeing that 3 hour journey time? Using the National Express website I can see 11.30 and 16.00 direct buses from Victoria coach station to LHR T5 for £6, taking 1 hour 5 minutes. If those times don't suit then there are various departures throughout the day, changing at LHR T1 - 3 and even with quite a long wait for a connecting bus to T5 the total journey time is still 1 hour 50 minutes.

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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If you take a National Express coach from Victoria coach station to the Heathrow central bus station at T1/T3, you can ride the Heathrow Express train free from there to Terminal 5. Trains run every 15 minutes.