Using chromebooks in England

I am planning to use a Chromebook in England to access the internet. I know that many places - libraries, airports, bookstores, etc. - have WiFi access, but since a Chromebook needs to be plugged into an outlet (w/an adapter of course), do most places w/WiFi also let you have access to a connection to plug into. Has anyone had experience with one in England? Thanks!

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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Why would your Chromebook need to be plugged in? Doesn't it have a battery? If you're looking for somewhere to recharge your battery, I've seen table setups at some of the remodeled McDonald's that have outlets so you can eat, surf, and recharge you device at once.

Posted by j.c.
NC, United States
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Access to outlets seemed to me about the same as in the U.S.: variable. Charge the Chromebook overnight and you'll be as prepared as you can be.

Posted by Marilyn
Eugene, Oregon, USA
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You're both right! I just double-checked. I had understood differently. I'm new with chromebooks. Thanks so much. Makes things much easier.