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used caravan purchase in London?

I'd like to buy a used caravan (RV) in England, tour England/Scotland/Ireland for 3 months and then drive it over to Europe for 3 months. Can this be done? Where would I purchase the caravan? What are my chances of selling it after 6 months vs. renting for 6 months?
Thank you

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Unless you are very comfortable with driving on the left side of the road and with the narrow UK roads & crazy roundabouts, I'm not sure a caravan is a good idea.

Remember also, that the rest of Europe drives on the right, so you would have to deal with a car made for driving on the left hand side of the road on the right side of the road. Not easy.

I also think it would not be easy to sell a UK bought car in Europe because you'd be dealing with import tax and many European countries levy expensive tarrifs when you sell cars.

It might be best to rent a caravan in the UK, and then rent another one over in continental Europe. You won't have to worry about getting insurance etc.


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Check with the EuropeByCar folks that are mentioned in Steves' books. Leasing seems to be a viable option for you.