I'm looking for suggestions for a GPS that includes maps of England.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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On the Garmin web site,, you can compare models of GPSs to find one that meets your requirements. Several come loaded with Europe maps, which include the UK. You can pick out a unit, then check eBay or Amazon to see if you can find it for a better price.

Posted by Rick
Kelowna, BC, Canada
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We took our Garmin GPS with us to Ireland last year and we downloaded the UK/Ireland maps which we purchased online from Garmin. We saved the maps to an SD card and ed it into the GPS. The device worked well for us and we used it every day for the 4 weeks that we were in Ireland.

Posted by Thomas
Snyder, Texas
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I bought a Garmin that has a slot for a mini SD card. I also bought a card with the European maps for the slot. It took us flawlessly through the UK and France.

Posted by Irv
Beverly Hills, MI
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If you already have a GPS just go to the manufacturers web sit and buy a European map card. If you buy one that is loaded with European maps you will probably end up with something that is not useful when you get home.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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Irv, GPSs that come with European maps don't JUST come with European maps. They also have US/North America maps installed, too.

Posted by JumpinBug
BC, Canada
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If you have tech skills, there are free maps available that are excellent. I put a set of them onto one GPS, my purchased sections that I wanted from my Garmin Europe DVD, and didn't find the $100 maps to be any better. For ease, you may just want to by an SD card preloaded.