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UK Bed and Breakfast Book

Two years ago we explored England and Ireland by car and stayed in B&B's along the way. We chose these from a little booklet we picked up somewhere, possibly an information centre, and without exception they were all outstanding. The booklet didn't have very many B&B's for any one area - more than one landlady told us they had to meet certain standards to be included in the booklet. Does anyone know the name of this booklet and whether it can be accessed online? We would quite like to see how prices are, two years later, and do a little planning for our return later this year (to Scotland this time). The little booklet was dark green in 2005 if I remember correctly, and A5 size, with a small colour photo of each place beside it's description. Wish we'd kept it.

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I've seen the book, but can't remember the name of it, I use the site gives the rating of the B&B for various organization (i.e. AA or Visit Britain). We have always been happy with the B&B I've found on the site.

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It would be nice to have reservations at a B&B for your first and last night, but you would be fine without having them for every night. I think it's fun to watch for B&B signs, stop to see if they have a room available. They will offer to show you the room, if you like it then you can stay, if you do not care for it just tell them that you don't think it would work for you. We have done this in the summer (June and July) and have never had trouble finding a gret B&B. Some of the B&B's that you find yourself will out shine the ones in a book. A lot of B&B's doesn't have their's listed because it cost money and they do just fine by just having a sign out and by word of mouth. You could even ask in a local store what B&B they would recommend. We stopped at one B&B in Yorkshire and it turned out that her father was great friends with the late James Herriot, so she told us some great stories.