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Two weeks in Ireland in October

All the information talks about how to pack for the summer. I'm trying to pack a minimum amount for 2 weeks in October but what would you recommend? Is it difficult to find laundry facilities?
We are traveling by train/bus - are there lockers to hold our suitcases if we stop in an area for a few hours?

Your input is much appreciated!!!!

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I have been to Ireland at different time of the year and surprisingly enough it is always about "LAYERING" your cloths. You should have a lightweight but warm jacket (ie: columbia/ll bean) @ it is the wind that can cut through you. You can easily find laundry facilities in any town ... just ask the locals. You usually drop off your laundry in the morning & pick it up in the afternoon.. great deal! In regards to the lockers it all depends but most train stations have lockers. If you are staying in b&b's along the way you usually can drop off your bags early & the lady and or gent of the house will usually keep it safe for you. Same goes if you check out in the morning, but not leaving town until late in the day they will usually hold it for you. Have a good time... you will get wet, but you will be in IRELAND! PS: pack 2 pairs of walking shoes for that time of the year... so if one gets wet the other can be used & vice versa.

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I seen laundry service in most larger towns.
It cost me 10euro for a bag, dropped it off and 2 hours later they washed, dried and folded it for me.

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Thanks for the emails. It helps to know I'm on the right track.

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The laundromats in Ireland are not self service as they are here. You drop your laundry off and they do it and usually have it ready that afternoon if left early in the day. I can recommend using Fabreze as necessary.

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pat is correct. Drop off your clothes in the am, pick them up in the afternoon, folded etc.

The above posters nailed it. Think layers and buy the umbrella over there.

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Went to Ireland in October last year. The weather was nice, cold at night cool durning the day. I wore a wind breaker and dressed in layers just like everyone has stated and was more than comfortable.

October Ireland seems to be just winding down from the season. Expect light crowds and semi-long days.

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I just returned from 17 days in Ireland (Aug 30-Sept 16) and really lucked out with the weather - I didn't need the gortex shoes or the rain pants I took. This was apparently the first dry period all summer. I did need layering which included shirt, varm vest and rain coat (for wind break). As far as laundry washing went - I did not pay someone 10 to 15 E ($14-21) to wash and dry my clothes. I take clothes that can be washed out every 2 or 3 days (4 days max) in the sink and hang them up to dry overnight. Happy travels