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Trooping the Colours: How shall we celebrate the Queen's birthday?

Our RS 7 day London tour ends on June 14, so we will be in London for the celebrations. Suggestions? What is the best way to see a bit of the action? I'm certain our RS guide will have info, but am hoping for some ideas from this great helpline. Thanks so much.

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Go to The Mall ( it's the road running between Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square ). Get there as early as you can and take sandwiches and drinks and fold up camping stools. The best place to be is about halfway down The Mall and as near to the front of the crowds as possible.

You might as well get into the full swing of the thing. Buy all those cheap Union Jack hats and plastic flags, so that you have plenty to wave and throw in the air ( Uncle Sam won't mind, not for just one day ). Wear cheap Union Jack tee shirts etc. It is impossible to be too 'over the top'. It's free, it's tacky, it's sentimental, it's schmaltzy. The more you get into the thing the more you'll enjoy it.

Just remember to arrive really early with plenty to eat and drink. Half way down The Mall gives you a good long view of the procession.

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I absolutely agree. My brother and family were there for that special day and were within 10 feet of the gold coach and the Queen. They said it was so much fun despite the wait. Go for it!

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Thanks so much for the information and encouragement, Al and Dale. We shall look forward to that celebration. God Save the Queen!