trip to uk

I am travelling to the UK and arriving in Manchester. We have family there but are going with two other couples who have never been. Any suggestions for this 14 day marathon. We are going to be in London 26th to see our daughter perform at the royal festival hall....!

Posted by Ed
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Where's the marathon exactly? It takes four hours to drive from Manchester down to London, probably less by train. What do you want to see? What are your interests? What have you seen before? Give us a clue so we can help.

Posted by Pamela
New York City, NY, USA
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Here are some things to tell us about yourself that can help guide you. Are you interested in history? Do you care about Scotland or Wales? What about music? Is it fine scenery or are you dying to see castles and stately homes? Do you like whisky? Do you like museums or do you want to hike a bit in the hills? Do you like gardens? Do you have family ties to any part of the UK? Since you're starting in Manchester there are so many directions you can go. It's hard to know where to start.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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We are going to be in London 26th 26th of what? This month? That's pretty soon, and might disappoint if you count on lots of outdoor activities up North.