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trip to dublin

My husband, age 70, my teenaged son, age 15 and I, 40-something, are planning a trip to Ireland next spring. At present we are planning to stay mainly in Dublin. My son is a huge U2 fan and my husband loves to visit museums and historical site. Me, well, I just love to travel period, so I'll be happy just to be overseas again.

Because there is such a wide range in our ages and interest, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for some must sees in and around Dublin.


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Dublin is only going to hold your interest for a couple of days. You many want to consider exploring the Irish countryside, or go elsewhere in Europe. Dublin is home base for discount carrier
From Dublin you can get very cheap flights to all corners of Europe.

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I'd definitely suggest you see Kilmainham Jail. I also loved Trinity College and the Book of Kells. If it's during school, there are tours there that are led by college students. Grafton St. is fun to walk -- there are always musicians performing on the street, nice shops, good food. Your son would probably enjoy the Temple Bar area of Dublin (good pizza at Bad Ass Cafe). The National Museum holds a large collection of ancient gold artifacts and the Tara Brooch. You might also enjoy 29 Georgian House, where you can get a look at home life during Dublin's early days (details in RS's book). Newgrange (to the west) and Glendalough (to the south) are both important historical sites and can be reached by bus tours. Take the Dublin hop-on, hop-off bus tour to get an overview of what you might like to see.

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We traveled with my mother 71, myself 47, my son 17, my niece 8 and nephew 13. We all loved Glendalough (so. of Dublin) and Newgrange (no. of Dublin). When my son was 9 we took him to Malahide castle which intrigued him and Dublin Castle/Dublinia. The hardest part sounds like filling your son's desire for U2. Depending on his flexibility, interest level and travel experience you might want to put him on the task of finding things to see and do. I would guess he'll be very adept at using the internet to discover what interests him. Then use his list to sort the possibilities. You'll have a great time!

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Dublin has a whole mecca of interests for anyone with an interest in history - modern or ancient. I suggest you spend time at the National Museum in Kildare Street and also the newer branch of the National Museum in Collins Barracks. In the former you will find a huge amount of Irish Bronze age gold - one of the largest collections of ancient gold in Europe and ten times the amount in the British museum. Ireland had a very rich and culturally strong Bronze Age. Also there you will find some of the famous relics from the early Christian period - the Ardagh chalice and the Tara brooch dating to around 800 a.d. Of special interest also in this museum is the Viking Treasures and at the moment there is a reconstructed Viking ship that was originally built in Dublin around 1000 a.d. and only recently - within the past few weeks - made a sea trip from Scandinavia to Ireland. This ship is on display in the Collins Barracks branch. Dublin was originally founded by Vikings and is proud of its Viking origins.

Also, in another vein, Dublin theatre life is very interesting and you should check out what is on at the Gate Theatre and the Abbey Theatre.

The U2 recording studios - Windmill lane - are located on Ringsend Road. Not sure if you can call and ask for a tour or permission to visit. Also you can go around and see the school they went to - Mount Temple in Clontarf which is just outside the city and easy to get to on the Dart or bus.

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I'd recommend making the trip to the Guinness tour at St. James Gate. It may be a little too touristy for some tastes here, but I've been twice and we had a great time. The view of the city from the "Gravity bar' is awesome - and I have yet to go when they didn't play a U2 song!

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The Guinness tour is, in my opinion, just an expensive commercial with a pretty view. You don't see any of the actual beermaking process, but you do get lots of chances to buy Guinness souvenirs, and the price is steep (when I was last in Dublin it was 13E, probably more now).

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Well, looks like we are going to put off the Ireland trip for a bit. Son has the opportunity to go to Australia and New Zealand next summer. Seems my 15 year old son would rather travel halfway around the world with his peers than to Ireland with his parents-go figure! LOL

I do appreciate all of your input and I have taken note of your suggestions for when we DO take the trip.