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Travelling Alone- Advice?

Female, 19 yrs. Is there much to worry about? I've made several international trips, but never alone. Is there anything I can/should do do to keep as safe as possible? I will be travelling from Aberdeen to London, via train.

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As no-one else seems to be replying: I wouldn't have thought you had anything to worry about. Trains in Britain are generally very safe. Just the usual rules apply: be careful with your money, walk away from any situation that you feel is uncomfortable.

My guess is your train will be completely full, and it will be necessary to reserve a seat in advance. If not, then you might feel more secure following a family into a carriage and sitting near them.

Generally though I shouldn't worry. My nephews and nieces travel about by train and we never give it a second thought.

Have a great trip.



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I also female who travels alone though i am quite older. Just keep an eye on your surroundings and also take care to protect your money. I use a money belt and also my front jeans pockets.
I'm told that pickpockets thrive on tourists but I never had any trouble at all.
It sounds like a great train trip and I don't think you will have any problem.


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Alan's advice is good- the trains here are usually safe and you shouldn't have a problem. Like he says, just be aware of your surroundings and get away from any situation that doesn't feel right, just as you would anywhere. Enjoy your trip!

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I travel alone all the time in the UK and while I'm older than you, I have never had any problems. Years ago I when I was 19, I traveled throughout Europe alone and with friends. You'll be fine. Keep an eye on your stuff. Stay in a hostel where you'll meet other who are single and traveling. Keep aware of what's going around you and listen to your common sense. People in Scotalnd for the most part are friendly and helpful.


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Although I don't think you've got much to worry about travelling through the U.K. which has a signficantly lower crime rate than the U.S. and other countries, use common sense and always keep your wits about you.

If you are at a club or pub, keep track of where your drink is at all times (don't leave it unattended at the bar or your table). If a man wants to buy you a drink, go up to the bar with him and take it directly from the bartender. Don't drink a lot of alcohol as it can impair your judgment.

Stick to well-lit streets if walking alone late at night. Keep your head up and always walk with a purpose like you know exactly where you are going (even if you don't).

On the train (as with everywhere else), keep an eye on your belongings. Bring a retractable cable lock with you if you need to lock your bag to a luggage rack at the end of the train car, or tie your bag down. It's not a just deters thieves who want a quick getaway. Relax & have fun!

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I would give the same advice to anyone traveling alone. Generally you will be safe unless you do something stupid. Stupid can mean having too much to drink, getting involved with illegal activity, getting mixed up with the wrong people, getting onto a tube car loaded with hooligans in football colors and many other possibilities.

Many of us have done at least one stupid thing in Europe and still ended up being safe.

Good luck.

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Excellent advice already given, especially about watching what you drink, walking alone at night and in deserted places. Wear a money belt. Have some serious 'attitude'.
If you are staying in a hotel by your self, my daughter who has travelled alone on a couple of occasions, always put a rubber door wedge in the door at night and when she was in the room alone.

Be aware, on the ball, but not paranoid. Have the attitude and demeanor 'DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT'

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Great advice already given.

I would add to get a purse/bag that you put across your body. It should also have zipper closures and preferably a flap over top. Something like a small messenger bag.

I did 3 weeks alone (1 week with my brother) this past fall and I had a blast! Definately go :)

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The train is perfectly safe - you don't need to worry about locking your luggage. In fact, the luggage racks tend to be packed, so you'll probably have to worry more about squishing your bag in rather than having it locked to the something.

Other than that, people have given you good advice. Don't drink too much, watch your drinks carefully and avoid closes and poorly lit and/or narrow streets after dark. And keep your valuables safe.

Use your instincts - if something makes you uncomfortable then be more careful and keep your eyes open.