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traveling while pregnant

Have a trip planned to London this June with my sister but have just found out that she will be 6-7 months pregnant. I think we should put the trip off until the fall or even next summer as I am a little worried about that fact that she could possibly go into early labor (major concern on my end). Also I think she will be miserable traveling - the length on time on the plane, all the walking, and sightseeing. She thinks she will be just fine and there will be no problems at all. I love my sister but I'm not flying all the way to London to sit around the hotel because her feet hurt. Am I just making a mountain out a mole hill or should we postpone the trip?

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I went to England when I was six months pregnant. I went over with my mother so I could met her pen pal of 40 years. My husband stayed at home. My mother and I spent 4 days in London before traveling up north to Aunt Renie's. We spent a week there and every day my aunt and uncle had a full day planned for us. The second week all four of us went on a tour of the southwest of England, Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset. Then we had another week back at their house, doing things every day. The only trouble I had was by the end of the day by ankles was swollen and I had to get my feet up. Your sister should be fine, you can take brakes during the day by sitting down and having tea, coke, etc. Go and have a great time.

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Your sister MUST immediately contact the airline she will be using to fly. All airlines impose a cutoff point in pregnancy beyond which passengers cannot fly. She has to calculate this for the last day of travel, not the first. Then she MUST contact her travel insurance company to confirm that she will be covered. If the airline and the insurance give her clearance I can't see a problem.

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Just because HER feet hurt, why would you need to stick around the hotel? Discuss that part with her before you go. I went to visit my cousin in Japan when she was 7-8 months pregnant. (Military family) She was able to sightsee with me for the most part, but was NOT offended when I set out on my own for a day when it was just too hot for her. I was there for 3 weeks, so we were able to mix it up with some relaxing activities though. You don't mention how long you are planning to be in England. You actually might like doing a "slower paced" trip - you certainly get a little more of the back door experiences sometimes when you do that! I probably wouldn't have stopped at some of the noodle shops OR the bathrooms that I ended up experiencing if it wasn't for my hungry, pregnant cousin! Ha! If you postpone the trip, will she be willing to leave her 6 month old to go??? Or, will you be traveling with an infant/toddler? Your future niece/nephew might be easier to handle in utero!