Travel to Ireland

We are headed to Ireland and Scotland in late summer. We are flying Aer Lingus into Dublin, then a quick hop to Glasgow to tour that country, ending back up in Dublin to return home. My question is regarding luggage. We plan to carry on rather than check bags. Flying over should be no problem meeting the requirements, but on the short flight from Dublin to Glasgow, the allowed carry-on drops to 18.9"x13"x7.9". This is the only time our standard carry-on should be a problem. Anyone have any experience with this? How strict are they? According to the Aer Lingus site, they are quite strict. I understand their wanting to charge for bags and we would be okay with that on the short flight. We would just prefer not to have to wait in baggage claim for luggage.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Posted by gone
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hi, i took the flight from dublin to Edinburgh using aer lingus and had to check in a bag since i had a backpak and briefcase size carryon. i checked in the backpac and it wasnt an issue or a long wait getting my pack at the luggage area. dont know how strict they are, but i was called once at a different airport to get my pack in the go/no-go bag checker. I was able to fit it in since everything was just clothes - so no problem. happy trails.

Posted by Nancy
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I would just check the bag on the short flight and be done with it. Aer Lingus is very strict on intra-European flights (not as much on international). There isn't likely to be a long wait for your bag, anyway.