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Travel restrictions to Ireland

I'm flying to Ireland this week and am finding conflicting information about what liquids can be carried on board. The American Airlines website (my carrier) seems to indicate that I can carry the quart sized bag with 3oz liquids on the flight over, but that leaving Ireland that isn't allowed. The AerLingus website doesn't say anything about this more complete restriction. Also, my arrival flight goes from Chicago to Dublin to Shannon, so I'm not sure what this means for the restrictions. I've checked the TSA website, but this only refers to travel from the US. Has anyone flown this route recently to know what restrictions will apply?

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The rules are standard across the EU.

It's the same as the US - the one sealable bag with containers less than 100ml (3oz). The only issue that can get difficult in transfers is duty free - best to avoid it if you are transferring flights or buy it at your final airport.