Travel insurance for tour/airfare?

I was looking at booking a Rick Steves 14 day tour to Ireland but did not see anyplace to purchase "trip insurance" and we have learned the hard way, NEVER to book a trip without insurance! Can anyone give us any info on booking trip insurance for a tour if RS does not offer it as a supplement to the actual tour booking?

Posted by Leslie
Spokane, WA
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If you actually book the trip, they will send you a brochure from TravelGuard which is one option to insure your trip. RS does offer a Tour Cancellation/Interruption coverage but states that it is not a substitute for travel insurance. (I believe it is about $75 a day if you have to leave the tour early). There are other companies that people on here can also recommend. I have taken the Ireland tour and it was a wonderful introduction to Ireland. May even take it again, when my daughter is able to go.

Posted by Rose
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Here also is "Tour Cancellation/Interruption Coverage" information: This is also a page full of info and useful sub-links: Between the time you sign up and the tour start date, they send out a few mailings containing full details about everything related to your tour. If you have any questions at any time, you can call and talk to someone in the Tours department in Edmonds - 425-608-4217

Posted by Alok
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Hey Sheila, Hope you are doing great!! Yeah i completely agree on your take of not booking a trip without an insurance. It seems to be a mandatory thing to be done!! I have been having experiences with couple of insurance companies like, Tata, bajaj allianz, HDFC ergo etc. Had good experiences.. bad and also better ones. My take would be to go with HDFC ergo or tata.. for your convenience, you may explore on: Please do get back for any further queries !!