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Travel in Norway

My husband and I are going to take a trip to Norway/Sweden/Denmark in late July. We will have 8 days on our own in Norway (flying into Oslo), then will travel to Stockholm to meet 2 others and have 5 days to spend between Sweden and Denmark (flying out of Copenhagen). Any suggestions on how to spend our 8 days in Norway (would prefer to not rent a car if possible)? Any suggestions to make the most of our 5 days between Stockholm and Copenhagen?

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Addition to my original post: we do have some flexibility on the first 8 days of our trip (to spend between Norway and Sweden). PLEASE offer any suggestions you might have.

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In Oslo, you must visit Frogner park with the Vigeland statutes. I would take the train from Oslo to Bergen. Very famous for its' beauty. You might check out and consider a trip on the "hurtigruten" up the coast of Norway- a beautiful way to view the mountains and fjords.

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I think it is good that you will be in Norway for 8 days, because Norway has the best natural beauty, of all the countries on the Earth (according to National Geographic magazine, in 2004). First, read some of the bood "Rick Steves' SCANDINAVIA 2007". If you want to read more lengthy descriptions of places in Norway, I recommend reading the book "ROUGH GUIDE TO NORWAY" (Fourth edition, 2006).
If I were to have 8 days in Norway, beginning at Oslo, I would stay at Oslo for two whole days (after the day of arriving at the Oslo airport). Some people need to sleep during the day, the day after arriving there (because of the night flight to Europe, and the different time zone). I would ride in trains from Oslo north to Lom, via Otta. Sleep at Lom. The next day ride in a bus from Lom south to Sognal. (high road, view of mountains to the east). Sleep at or near Sognal. Boats from Sogndal south to Aurland and Gudvangen, and bus to Voss, train to Bergen. Bergen two nights, train to Oslo.

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We traveled in Sweden about a dozen years ago, and in Stockholm we enjoyed:

--Skansen Open-Air Museum, a wonderful living history museum.

--Drottningholm Palace, especially Drottningholms Slottsteater, a perfectly preserved 17th-century theater, on the palace grounds.

--The Vasa Museum, which contains an entire ship (and some of its contents) that sank on its maiden voyage in 1628.

--Gamla Stan, Stockholm's old town, which has many places of interest.

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Drottningholms Slottsteater is an 18th century theater, not 17th century as I wrote on 4/5/07.

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Best way to spend 8 days in Norway is to take the train to Bergan and spend a few days seeing the fjords on a cruise.

For me there is not much more of interest in Norway, but you can take some of the advice on this page for things to see in Oslo.

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Planning to go to Norway in Mid Aug. How is the weather?.
Does it rain too much
Intend to take a ferry from STAVENGER TO copenhagen.
Is this possible,feasible?
How much does it cost
How comfortable are the cabins
Does it have a shower?

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Take Rick's guidebook with you. I used only his book on a 16-day trip in 2005 thru Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and then back to Oslo. It really made my vacation go smoothly. All the hotels he recommended in each city were good to go.

The only Stockholm site I differed from him was one museum. It was full of Swedish place settings, fabrics, and such - a snoozer for me. Other than that, his guidebook should really be a help to you. Here are some highlights:

Oslo: Kon Tiki Museum, Art museum, Viking ship museum, and just walking around Oslo. I took the night cruise down to Copenhagen, which was nice (especially the cigar and vino in a lounge w/windows).

Copenhagen: Christiania, the Royal Palace, and bicycling around the city - the ride out to the Little Mermaid statue is good.

Stockholm: took the 2-hour bus tour to get my bearings - that got me a ticket for a couple of free rides (many stops). The Vasa museum, the shopping district, and again, just walking around.

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Norway: Oslo 2 days Vigeland park and museum, ship and folk museums at Bygdøy, Holmenkollen Ski Jump, Train to Bergen, 1 day + 1-day NiN to see fjords Other cities to visit Trondheim, charming small big, Ålesund jugend city, Lillehammer. A trip to Lofoten archipelago up north ? Need plane for that. Public transport is reliable both within cities and between.
Stockhom: Gamla Stan, Skansen, walk around
Copenhagen: Tivoli Leisure park, Strøget shopping street. Info on interests would help