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Travel from London to York

I was checking the cost from London to York on Rick Steves Time and Cost Map. It looks to me like it will cost $150.00 dollars per peron one way, 2nd class, and it will take 2 hours. So, for a family of three it will cost us $900.00 round trip? Could that be correct?

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Have you checked into renting a car instead?

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HiSusan, I always telephone. The number I have for National Rail is 011 44 845 748 4950. You get a real person who knows real answers. Good luck.

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Might be!.Then again with a little prebooking singles can be £20. Also try via Sheffield, there are limited £7 tickets there, and about the same Sheffiled -York. When are you travelling.

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Check with the British Rail people. There are lots of levels of ticket prices, depending on how far ahead you buy tix, whether you qualify for any discounts, etc. I think Rick's maps show the max rates.

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You need to go to this site:

We purchased our one-way tickets from London to York from the GNER site, and the total cost was about $20 each. A limited number of low-priced seats are made available on this site, starting about six weeks before your date of travel. You will need a British postal code for the initial address information (we just used our hotel's code), then fill in the billing information with your US address and pay by credit card. You will receive an e-mailed voucher which you then use to pick up your tickets at King's Cross station. Very easy and the biggest bargain we found in Britain.

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Follow Terri's advice for online booking. Or call GNER and book over the phone. The phone number for international calls is listed on the GNER website. Advance fares are as low as £7 each way.

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We made that trip in October, and booked second class, one way on-line, the return by phone, and did the booking about six weeks ahead. The total cost for two adults, round trip was about $200. But, we had a senior discount which was about 30%.

I agree with the post advising you look at the GNER site. The fares are complex, and vary by how far in advance, day of week, time of day, etc. Plan to spend some time on the site to find your best deal. And remember, they speak English, sort of, in the UK, and if you call, they can be very helpful. Also, by calling, you can request the "quiet car". On occasion, we found some very gross, loud mouthed travelers on the train, sad to say, since I generally enjoy train travel in the UK.

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Thank you so much for all your help. I'm relieved to find that it can be done for less money! I'll check it out. THANKS!

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A couple of weeks ago I had some family members visiting from the States who wanted to visit York from London. We went to the rail station counter on a Sunday morning and found out that a round trip ticket for one adult would be 75 pounds. That was way too much. So the ticket agents suggested traveling on a weekday for as little as 11 pounds.

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York is one of my favorite places in Britain. British rail is expensive. Be sure to check your options: rent, different travel times, etc. before you commit.