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Travel from Glasgow Airport to Edinburgh??

On my trip this September, I will be arriving at the Glasgow airport and traveling to Edinburgh. We are wondering what would be the best way to make this trip, as we are renting a car in Edinburgh. Has anyone done this? With all the transfers we are looking at we are beginning to think the best bet would be to rent the car right at the airport.

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If you are spending the first couple of days of your trip in Edinburgh don't rent your car until you are ready to leave Edinburgh. You won't need it in the city and it's a pain to park it and it can be expensive. Instead, take public transport to Edinburgh. It's easy peasy as the British say. ; ) Simply take the bus from right outside baggage claim. You can buy your ticket at the information booth or on the bus. The bus takes you to Queens Street Railway Station. You can buy your ticket and be in Edinburgh in less than hour. The trains leave frequently, at least once an hour if not more often. You can get off at Waverly or Haymarket depending on where you are staying. I've done this many times. I used to get a Chicago flight that would arrive in Glasgow around 10 AM. I would be at my hotel in Edinburgh by noonish. Just in time to dump my bags freshen up and head for lunch in New Town. Then, lots of walking and dinner around 7 and asleep around 9 or later if I could stand it. ; ) Pam

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Taxi to Queen Street Station for the train. Train to Edinburgh. 1. NB 2 stations in Glasgow: Central and QS - you need QS 2. NB 2 stations in Edinburgh: Waverley and Haymarket. The main central one is Waverley. 3. NB the train will be a little Scotrail service. It is not really worth upgrading to first class unless the train is packed and you cannot get a seat (first class is tiny).