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travel from airport to downtown Copenhagen

6 "young" seniors traveling from US to Copenhagen, staying near the harbor. We cannot/will not take the Metro so does anyone have suggestions for transportation from the airport to the hotel? We cannot hop on and hop off trams plus we probably will have too much luggage to negotiate the Metro. (Please, no lectures about traveling just ain't happening!)

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"We cannot/will not take the Metro" Why not, exactly? The metro serves the airport. It was designed to accomodate people carrying a lot of luggage.

If you "will not" use the metro, I'm guessing that a bus would be out as well. I think your only options are taxi or car hire.

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I think you already know the answer. You just hope there are alternatives.

happy trails.

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Sharon.....take the metro. The metro platform is 'walk-on, walk-off' which means no steps. If wheeled luggage you can roll it on. Hand carry luggage...again, no steps. Also, plenty of room to store luggage on the short ride into Copenhagen.

BUT once at the train terminal, it looks like your only alternative is hired car/ taxi.

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We lived in Copenhagen for 2+ years and rode the metro out to the Airport at least 2-3 times a month. One of the best parts of living there was how easy it was to get to the airport - especially after living in Rome! When we traveled to and from the USA, we always had massive amounts of luggage (US Supplies!) but we managed. All the metro stations have elevators - of course, they're often filled with huge strollers.

On the few times we did not use the metro, we took taxis. With six folks and MASSIVE luggage, you'll need at least two cabs at about 220 Danish Krone per cab... that's about $40 per taxi. Otherwise, hire a minivan...

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Well quite easy: If you do not want to take the train or metro, the only other reasonable solution is to take a taxi. Just join the taxi line at the airport when you exit customs. There is (more or less) no such thing as hotel shuttles or reserved limos/vans as you will see in the us. Taxi is the norm. You could try to get hold of a minivan sized taxi when joining the line, but these are few and far between. Otherwise, you will need two taxis. If you have much lugage try to seek out the station wagons. All taxis accept credit cards, albeit for a small fee.

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If you can't hop on the metro, you will need to get a taxi.

The train takes you downtown to the central station/city hall area conveniently (about 20 minutes), but it has the same hop on issues as the metro.

The metro takes you to Nyhavn/Kongens Nytorv in about 15 minutes so it's my choice for the most convenient transportation to the best area to stay in.

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We easily found a place to do a currency exchange in the airport, and the got a taxi outside. We'd come off an overnight flight, and were frankly too out of it do anything that required any sort of skill, like figuring out the metro, etc, so the expensive cab ride was worth it to us.