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travel card or oyster card? and picture id ?

  1. travel card or oyster card, which one is better for travel 5 days ,for a senior, 3 adult and a 7 years old.
  2. do we need small id pictures for eurostar train, tube, or oyster card?
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There are no senior fares In London, they are classed as adults.
Your best option is to purchase a 7 Day Travelcard, confusingly this comes on an Oyster Card.
No photocards are needed.

For 7 the year old there is no need to purchase anything as under 11's travel free on the Underground and Buses when accompanied by adults.

The Eurostar Train is the Paris train and not covered by sich passes. Similarly you can't use them on the airport buses/trains except the London Underground to Heathrow.

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An alternative to loading a seven-day travelcard on an Oyster card which you buy at a Tube station would be to buy a PAPER seven-day travelcard at any National Rail station. The main advantage to doing this is that you would qualify for some very good 2for1 offers.

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