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transportation to and from central london

I am arriving at Heathrow airport from a cruise and want to spend 3 days London. Since we will have 2 large suitcases from our tour, what is the best way to either store them at the airport or take them with us into London. What transportation options are available other than a taxi which is very costly. Bob
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I believe that luggage storage at Heathrow will be VERY expensive. I've heard something like 8GBP per piece per day. There are several alternatives to get into London. Most expensive- cab. Next- car service (like Just Airports or other). Next- Heathrow Express to Paddington Station- takes 15 min. and plenty of room for your luggage. Next- Heathrow Connect to Paddington Station- takes a bit longer but not much. Least expensive- Tube or bus. Tube will take about 45 min. depending on where you are staying. Luggage might not be a problem, if you can carry it yourself and depending on the time of day. Not sure about the buses on time. If you give us details about your hotel, we can make more specific recommendations. Especially if you also include how much and what size luggage you'll have. If you want hotel recommendations, be sure to include your budget (preferably in Great British Pounds) and expectations (2 , 4, private bath, location, etc.).