Transportation from Copenhagen airport to the city

We are flying into Copenhagen, staying at a hotel in the Nyhavn area. Is it easier to take a metro from the airport directly to maybe Kongens Nytory, or train to main train station and then on to Nyhavn? If the metro is direct, that seems easier - but I cannot seem to dind a metro map. Thanks

Posted by Tom
Hüttenfeld, Hessen, Germany
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The metro goes directly from the airport and it has only one line that connects the airport to the city. Kongens Nytorv is the closest stop to Nyhavn. One note about buying metro tickets. I arrived at night after the sales counters had closed, and the only options were the automated kiosks. These accept only Danish kroner or IC-enabled ("pin and chip" as people call them here) credit or debit cards. I did not see an ATM at the airport, only exchange machines. So, although the usual good advice you often see on this website is to get your cash from the first ATM you find at the airport and don't use the money exchangers, in this case you will have no choice if you don't already have kroner or an IC card.

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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Tom's advice is good. The metro will take no more than 15 minutes from the airport to Kongens Nytorv (New King's Square, my translation - maybe not exact), which is adjacent (maybe 100 ft.) from Nyhavn (New Harbor). The train takes 20 minutes or so to get downtown, then you are still a good 20 minute walk up the Stroget (or metro/taxi) to Nyhavn. We stopped at the TI desk in the airport. Since we do carry-on and didn't have to wait for luggage we were first in line. We bought a Copenhagen Card there that covers all your transportation in northern Zealand plus sights (we bought a 72 hour card). If you use an ATM and need to buy your ticket with cash, get some change by buying a drink at a shop in the airport. We didn't use the machines in Denmark because we had the Copenhagen Card, but we used them this year in Barcelona and Madrid and both didn't accept large bills (probably similar in Denmark).

Posted by Elaine
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My husband and I just took a taxi right outside of the airport to the Radisson, right across from Tivoli. It was very convenient - to/from the airport.

Posted by Darby
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We took the train from the airport to the main station last summer. It was quite smooth even for a jet-lagged zombie:) The kiosk selling tickets at baggage claim does take American debit cards, which we were pleasantly suprised to discover.