transport from Dublin Ferry to airport

Actually, I would like to rent a car at the Dublin port ferry but the rentals seem a great deal cheaper at the airport. How difficult is it to get over to the airport from the ferry?

Posted by JANET
Westford, VT, us
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Hi, Keith I was looking for the same info but in reverse. I emailed the Dublin Airport a few weeks ago and here's the pertinent section from their reply. You can catch the 747 from Airport to Bus Aras, and then catch the shuttle bus for ferry connections from Bus Aras. The 747 is every 15 mins and fare is €6.00, journey time 35 mins. I attach link for Ferryport service, journey time 20 mins fare €3.00 Hope this helps.

Posted by Tod
San Diego, CA, USA
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I can't offer direct help here except to say that the port is really close to the city and the Busáras (Central Bus Station) is well served by the 747 bus. I rode the 747 airport bus into the city and I would put the travel time at more like 15 minutes - it's really quick. The distance you're trying to cover - port to Busáras is really short = probably a couple of miles depending on where you land. It should definitely cost you less than 10 euros to get to airport and probably and hour (?) bus to the station, bus to airport, transport to car rental - so balance that against the cost of rental savings to see if it's worth it. Hope that helps,