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Train tickets from London to Oxford, York, etc

I am in London now and I know I should have booked train tickets to elsewhere in the UK online before leaving home but I did not. We are going to Oxford, then to York for 2 days and then finishing in Edinburgh. I could book now online but do not have a secure Internet connection. I am hoping I can book all tickets tomorrow at Paddington. We are staying nearby -- is that workable? I also have heard that these MUST be booked online? Thank you for any advice!

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You will be able to book them all at Paddington. No tickets that can only be booked online. But by waiting this long you'll have to pay high fares whichever way you go.

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Thanks! That's all I needed. A bit too late for me to worry about the high fares, but that's my fault.

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If it isn't too late you might be able to save a little by splitting your tickets. For example, an off peak single from York to Edinburgh is £82, but York->Newcastle and Newcastle->Edinburgh is £28.60+£46.40=£75. You are OK providing the train stops where you have split the ticket. A split on Oxford to York at Leamington Spa similarly saves £14. (There may be other splits that save more money, but at least the trains are in general likely to stop at these points, adding no inconvenience and not too complicated to buy.)