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Train reservation problem

We are almost done making our plans for our trip to Scotland and Holland for this summer. The last thing to do is make train reservations from Edinburgh to New Castle (England) to catch the ferry to Amsterdam. The website for First ScotRail doesn't recognize a US postal code, so we can't make the reservation. Has anyone had experience with this and can advise us what to do? I'm sure we could probably go to a local travel agent, but the fare through them would probably be much higher than the L9.50 quoted on First ScotRail's website. The other alternative is to wait until we are there and book the tickets, but of course, the inexpensive tickets will be gone by then. We also tried using (recommened in RS books) and had the same problem. Any ideas?

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I tried all the rail sights and had problems over a few days and many tries. I got on the above website and was done in 30 minutes. No fee. I received my confirmation and a number to use because I chose to pick the ticket up at the train station. You can have them mailed to you also. Try them. Good luck.

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I had the same problem. I was booking tickets from Edinburgh to York. I got around it by using the postal code and address of my hotel in Edinburgh to register. I then was able to change my address on the web site to my correct one. Your address will have to match your credit card billing address.

I must say I tried this on the Bath to London leg and it didn't work (different company) I ended up calling and making reservation on phone. It is still a tremendous saving booking ahead. Happy Travels.