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Train from Bath to Oxford then London: Too much for one day?

We will be staying in Bath this July for 4 days and doing day tours to Stonehenge and Cotswolds. Following this we are thinking of taking an early train to Oxford, possibly doing an open bus tour, Blenheim and then take a train to London in one day. Is this too much to do in one day considering travel and touring time?

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When you say "train to London," I'm guessing you mean that is your destination for the night?

If so, then it can be done. Bath is a common daytrip out of London. YOu're going in one direction.

Train from Bath to Oxford (1:15-1:30 depending on departure. You will have to change trains once.)

Train from Oxford to London about 1:00

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In my opinion this is way too much.

Even with a very experienced guide you couldn't possibly see anything of Oxford in under three hours. Even if you get out at the station and go direct to Carfax or Broad Street and jump on an open top bus and take a brief tour it will be at least two hours. From Oxford to Blenheim and a lightning fast tour of the grounds and house cannot be done in under four hours. Those estimates are taking no account of the need to eat and drink.

I honestly think you will be wasting your money and will be very dissapointed. I would recommend either dropping Blenheim altogether and focusing on Oxford itself, or staying overnight at a B&B on either the Woodstock or Banbury Roads and doing Blenheim the next day.

It would break my heart if you missed out on the glories of the worlds greatest University. If you want you can PM me for a full guide to all the essential places to visit in Oxford.

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Oops, I forgot Blenheim in my previous post.

Al is right. Adding Blenheim would be too much. But Oxford can be done in a full day. Take an early morning train to Oxford, spend the entire day, and take an early evening train to London. When I first went to Oxford, It was a full day walking tour out of London with London Walks. Very enjoyable.