Tours in western England

I will be coming to England this fall, and am interested in seeing Gloucester Cathedral, Hereford Cathedral, Tewkesbury Abbey, and Malmesbury Abbey. I'm wondering if there are any good tours that include these places. Also would love to see Worcester Cathedral. Thanks!

Posted by Lesley
Sidney, BC, Canada
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Where are you staying, London or are you prepared to stay near to the towns you are interested in? If you stay in the west country (Gloucestershire, or Worcestershire) you should be able to visit all the cathedrals and abbeys you mention quite easily by public transport or even more easily by rental car. When in Worcester (pronounced Woster and Gloucester is pronounced Gloster)the Royal Worcester Porcelain Works is well worth a visit. Cheltenham, an attractive Regency spa town, is a good transportation hub with trains from London and good local bus service to Worcester, Gloucester and Tewkesbury. Not sure about Hereford but I know it is not that far from Worcester and the two could be combined in a day trip. Malmesbury is a longer trip by coach or bus from Cheltenham to Swindon and Swindon to Malmesbury. Nice drive through interesting country. If you are looking for a tour from London Google coach tours and see what you come up with but I think if you want to spend time exploring and seeing the cathedrals and towns you would be better of doing it yourself.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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I'd strongly advise you to find a way to get to Worcester Cathedral. All except Malmesbury Abbey are easy to do on your own by train. Worcester has fabulous bells, a great setting right on the Severn River, a lovely interior, bags of history, and is just a short stroll from Worcester Foregate Street station or a slightly longer and less scenic walk from Worcester Shrub Hill Station. Hereford Cathedral has the chained library and Mappa Mundi, is in a black and white town and an easy walk from Hereford Station. It has been ages and ages since I've been to Gloucester Cathedral. They have the tomb of the Black Prince. I don't know the walking but it can't be too far from Gloucester Station. Tewkesbury Abbey has an interesting setting, and interesting initial aspect. The land around floods frequently as it is set near the water meadows and the Abbey is a refuge. How late, "this fall"? Days get quite short in England.