Touring Ireland with a private coach hire

We are going to be a family of 12 touring mostly Northern Ireland with a personalized itinerary. We have contacted 3 companies so far to get quotes...but we would like some feedback if anyone has done a tour like that before and what company they used and would they recommend that company again. My husband and I have travelled on Rick Steves tours before so we like that type of travel and are trying to duplicate that style, but with our own itinerary. Open to suggestions.

Posted by Christine
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My mother-in-law booked a tour for our family of 14 through CIE Tours. The trip, taken July 2012, was absolutely fantastic. We started in Edinburgh and ended up in Dublin over 10 days. Our driver, Liam, was the best. It was quite a whirlwind tour, but everywhere we stayed and everything we saw was just terrific. I would highly recommend CIE!!!!!