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Tour Warwick Castle or Blenheim Palace?

We would like to see Warwick Castle and Blenheim Palace during our trip to England in May. We only have time to tour one and drive by the other. Which would you recommend touring?

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Another bonus....Sir Winston Churchill was born at Blenheim Palace, and his grave is in the small churchyard in the nearby village of Bladon.

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Skip something else (Stratford?) and do both. If you can truly only do one, see Blenheim.

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I would go to Blenheim Palace. Get there at opening because you can spend hours there. It truly is fantastic, The Palace, the gardens, the hedge maze, and the butterfly house. We spent the night in Woodstock at a B&B, got there at opening and were there until 4:00pm. We had a great lunch there. You truly won't be disappointed.

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I'm not going to be snooty about this as it all depends on what you want.

If you want authenticity go to Blenheim.

If you want a 'theme park' fun experience go to Warwick.

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Blenheim Palace!! I have been to both. Warwick is better i think if they are having a renacting weekend. But Blenheim is spectacular everyday. The grounds are wonderful as well. I wish i had spent more time there!

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Even though I haven't been to Blenheim yet, and I really want to go, I would go there. My husband and I went to Warwick Castle this past March and I would much rather have spent the time at Blenheim, my husband wanted to go to Warwick. He thought they had more of an exhibit with medieval weapons but they had very little. There also were large groups of kids at the castle the day they were there, although I thought the Royal Weekend Party exhibit within the actual "house" was interesting as they are all wax figures. We had a good lunch there and the castle is nice but I've always wanted to see Blenheim. The town of Warwick is nice to stay in, we had a nice room at The Lord Leycester Hotel and found a great pub. I will definately go to Blenheim on our next visit.

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Blenheim + Bladon Britrail used to have a day tour leaving from Kings Cross Station that covered both; Britrail guides are superb!

If you're in London, the armoury at the Tower of London will have plenty of weapons. suits of armour, etc.