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Toilets in Glasgow Airport

Silly question, I know, but are the toilets at the airport the kind you have to put coins into to use? We won't be getting our money until we hit an ATM machine at the airport and don't want to embarrass myself by not having money to use one.

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From what I remember, no the WC at Glasgow Airport are not coin operated.
It's probably a good idea to carry at least SOME currency on your person, regardless.

If you're really that concerned about a WC, why not hit the Lav on board the Aircraft prior to landing?

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The restrooms at Glasgow are regular, free restrooms. Don't worry!

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There may be a rule about it. I've never seen a fee for use of a WC in an airport. Train stations are another story. You get a clean stall for about 50 cents there.

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Some of the restrooms at Zurich Airport are coin operated. I believe they were located at the train station section.

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Under international law, toilets in an international transit area of an airport (as well as on planes) must be free to use. That is why you see pay toilets in the train station but not in the international area of the airport.

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Thank you everyone for relieving my mind on this. It is nice to be able to talk with other travelers - and, we are definitely Rick Steves fans!!!