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To wear or not to wear nice jewelry

I am recently engaged and will be leaving for Scotland and Ireland in just a few days with my fiancé. I don't really consider either of these countries as unsafe, but some people have asked me if I am taking my engagement ring with me. Since I don't take it off, I suppose the concern would be being robbed on the street. I’d hate to leave my ring behind, but I also want to be safe. Is this really something I should be concerned about? Thanks!

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You probably not have any problem but it be wise to leave it behind. It is just one of the little precautions you should probably take. Shift to gold bands. My son and new DIL are current on a five month around the world honeymoon and left all of the wedding rings behind but are using some very inexpensive gold colored bands.

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"Is this really something I should be concerned about?" a word, No.

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No, I always wear my good jewelry, never gave it a thought to leave it at home. I never take it off.

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If you get there and are concerned, maybe you could put a bandaid over it, or turn it around so the stones are on the inside of your hand. In general, though, I probably would not be concerned. Have a great trip!

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Well I have never even thought twice about leaving my wedding or engagement ring at home in my last 20 yrs of travel,, where ever I have gone.

I suppose if I had some huge rock I might think about leaving it at home, but really , wouldn't it be just as dangerous to wear a 10,000 dollar ring around home as it would be Europe?

I also am comfortable leaving my ring on,, I do not take it off often at all, I understand some ladies like to take theirs off all the time and therefore are more likely to leave it by a bathroom sink then to be robbed!

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My good rings, never take them off, can't get them off. I only take earrings I can afford to lose.

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I have never heard of anyone leaving an engagement ring behind. The Europeans all where theirs. I hope you have it insured. Also, if you like jewelry, reserve some cash for buying some while you're in Ireland and Scotland. In Scotland look for Ortak or Sheila Fleet. Check out Jenners jewelry section on Prince's Street in Edinburgh.

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As long as it fits snugly and isn't not prone to falling off on its own it shouldn't be a problem. And like Pat said, if you don't take it off there's no danger of leaving it behind. Not that it's a situation that will come up in Ireland/Scotland but I would take it off before snorkeling (swimming in general unless it's really stuck). When I was in Hawaii last year there was a couple there on their honeymoon and even though the rings fit snugly otherwise, once in the water they became loose and the woman lost her small skating rink somewhere off the Na Pali coast of Kauai.

Happy travels!

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I think we sometimes go overboard in cautioning people about crime overseas. The fact is that you are far less likely to be a victim of violent crime in Europe than you are in the U-S. F/A's statement that "I think it is more dangerous to wear an expensive rock abroad than at home," isn't supported by any evidence. The odds of you being robbed of your ring in Scotland and Ireland are infinitesimal...certainnly no greater than in Portland.

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Nicole,While everyone above has given you great advise, I would only add this:

IF, you are trying to blend in, in Europe, wearing flashy jewelry will not help (the majority of them do nto wear any wedding ring) and wearing it on your left hand, as opposed to your right (where they wear it,if worn) will also not help...but I would not be concerned about bringing it, if that is not a concern of yours.

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My wife and I each wear one simple wedding ring on vacation.

It's not as much about being mugged as about not wanting to lose anything. The more you bring, the more you have to keep track of.

Flashy jewelry can make you more of a target. A thief may decide your daypack is more enticing after seeing your jewelry.

It's your choice but, as always, keep track of your stuff and don't let yourself become overburdoned with lots of lose packages and bags.

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My daughter has been to Hawaii 3-4 times, Europe 4 times, absolutely never wears her engagement/wedding rings (both have diamonds) when she leaves on trips like those. She wears a plain band that she got out of a Cracker Jacks box (that will date me!). Says she does not want to risk losing the rings in an ocean, sea, river, canal, down a foreign sink, etc.