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To See or Not to See – What (and how) is the Question

We'll have about 3-4 hours to see Stratford-Upon-Avon and the Shakespeare houses on an upcoming Saturday. Can anyone advise the best way to tackle this town? Rick advises the hop-on hop-off bus and the full route takes an hour. There's also a two-hour guided walk around town. Or, should we just buy the 5-ticket pass, walk the town sites, and drive to the out-of-town sites? I realize we might be cutting the Bard a short shrift, but we're not diehard fans. It's merely something one must do.

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It's a tiny little town. I honestly don't know what they could show you on a walking tour that would take two hours. I would just do it myself if I were you.

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I'd go with the last choice. Bear in mind that Saturday is market day in Stratford. Parking can be a little tight but now that school is back in the crowds may be down a little. There is a park and ride service, and there is a large multi storey car park by the river. Don't miss the church and the school. I don't know what's on the 5-er ticket. There's the American Fountain. And stuff... BTW - the parking wardens are highly effective and pounce like cats in Stratford. Street parking is difficult at the best of times. If you attempt to park on the street read the signs and yellow lines very carefully. Be especially careful on Sheep Street. Parking is very easy at the property out of town.

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Thanks for the advice about tours and sights. We always head to parking with a white "P" on a blue sign and prefer to walk to our location rather than attempting to find street parking.