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tipping in England

What is appropriate?


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Here in Scotland, we usually tip about 10% on dinner bill or large bar tab where there's table service. At a good restaurant, one might tip a bit more if the service is excellent.

No tip necessary if you are ordering at the bar, and if it's a small amount at a meal, just round up to the nearest £1.


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It has taken me awhile to figure it out, but I am told if you are at the bar, don't tip. If you are at a table in the bar and get table service, you would tip 10% or so. Most pubs you don't tip and you don't get table service, you have to go to the bar and order. When we have tried to tip they run down and give it back saying we left this on the table. A relative of mine is a server at a restaurant in Coventry. The tips are very small. For a dinner with several people they would tip a couple pounds.

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I agree with the others. We in the US are tip happy and I had to control my tipping. While I am sure the server would appreciate a good tip, rounding it up to the nearest pound/euro is sufficient.

Remember some places charge you a "service fee" which is like a tip. So if you liked the service, just round it up.

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Good luck figuring out when to tip... We went in June and it seemed that 1/2 the places had service included and 1/2 didn't. It seems to me that it's been more consistent in other countries in the past.