Three Weeks in England

Visiting England during late August and early September...The plan is to spend a week in London, one in the North (lake district) one in the south (Cornwall and Devon)...We will be renting a car while in the south...How would you arrange the weeks and major areas visited? My wife is not interested in a marathon trip...this is her first visit...How about a rough outline? Thanks, Bob

Posted by Cynthia
Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
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We have enjoyed multiple trips to the British Isles. IMHO, I would arrange the segments in this order: land at Heathrow, pick up rental car, head off to Devon and Cornwall, taking a route near the southern coast, return taking a route along the northern coast of the peninsula, head to the Lakes District, spending one night in the area around Warwick, spend the next week or so divided between the Lakes district and the Yorkshire Dales. Drive to York. Return the car, enjoy a full day in York. Take the train the next day to London to finish your trip.....while many people prefer to spend several nights in one location, that won't work too well for the Devon - Cornwall segment because that is a long skinny peninsula. You could probably stay put a few nights in St. Ives or that area the middle of that week.