Three days, Copenhagen and Stockholm

We are planning on driving (with a nine month old) from Copenhagen to Stockholm in a half day (arriving for an afternoon meeting). Is that realistic? Then we have two days to enjoy anywhere between those cities before flying out of Copenhagen. We love being near water and we like small towns/villages, and we'd like to stay in nice hotels or B&Bs to make things easy for life with the baby. Any suggestions for a route and places to stay?

Posted by Laura
Virginia, USA
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It is going to take more than half a day by car; I think it will be closer to 7 hours. The most direct route between Stockholm and Copenhagen won't be along the water. If you want to stay somewhere along the water, you might consider taking a longer route going from Stockholm to Kalmar and then crossing the bridge over to the island of Öland and staying there. I don't have any suggestions as to where to stay on Öland as my stay in that area was in various youth hostels. Do you already have the car or are you just renting it for the drive from Copenhagen to Stockholm. Do you only have 3 days total? Stockholm is a great city and there is water all around you. Another option is to take the train (about 5 hours) and just spend the time in Stockholm. It is easy to get around Stockholm on public transit, even with a baby stroller. There are plenty of parks and nice places to walk around and visit. Also, what time of year is your trip?

Posted by Rosalyn
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We have actually done that drive, and I don't recommend it. It's very long and very boring. I don't think making it in half a day is even possible. Unlike the highways in many countries, including the U.S., there were no restaurants or those big multi-service rest stops adjacent to the road. It's also not cheap. The Oresund bridge toll is something like $30 (at least it was in 2005), and gas runs about $9/gal, maybe more now. Then there would be the cost of parking. I advise checking out the train option and getting a car when you are ready to leave Stockholm.

Posted by Douglas
Oak Park, Illinois
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Another vote against driving. The high speed train is 5 hours, so it will take much longer to drive. And two days isn't really doing justice to drive back. You'd be much better off taking the train and then enjoying Stockholm for a couple days. If you've already been to Stockholm, spend the extra time in a town or island nearby. You could also fly pretty cheaply vs the train.

Posted by Nicole
Washington, DC, USA
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Thank you all for your help! We definitely want some time outside of the cities. If we drove just one way, where would be a great place to stop for a night? Or we could stay near Stockholm and visit an island or town nearby--any suggestions for that?

Posted by Laura
Virginia, USA
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What time of year? Are you going soon (in the fall) or next year when the weather is nice? You could stay on one of the islands in the archipelago. However, I'd only suggest this if you are going when the weather is nice and I'm not sure they'd be that easy with a 9 month old; once you get to the islands most people walk or bike. The islands are mainly geared towards enjoying the outdoors. As far as small towns near Stockholm, perhaps look at Mariefred. It is a cute little town about an hour's drive from Stockholm. Gripsholm castle is located there.