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Things to see?

Current proposed itinerary:

London 4 nights 3 full days--train to Edinburgh--Edinburgh 3 nights 2 full days--considering renting car driving to Inverness--Inverness 3 nights 2 full days--train back to Edinburgh fly to Dublin--4 nights 3 full days--fly back to London--1 night in London--fly home in evening.

All of this is flexible except for the starting and ending in London. I will have been in London for five weeks previous to this on a study abroad so I should have a good idea what to do/see in London but if anyone has recomendations would still love to hear them. What I really want to know though is what to do/see in and around the other places, especially Edinburgh and Inverness. I would especially like recomendations for less/non-touristy type places. I've been considering changing one of the Dublin days/nights to Edinburgh or Inverness. I'm considering renting a car and driving from Edinburgh to Inverness to get a chance to see some of the whisky distilleries and get into the mountains a little. Is this a good idea or is there a better/more efficiant way to do these things? I would like to find a good balance of natural sights and city experience. I've been trying to find this information on my own, but it's so hard to tell what's really worth it to do and what it isn't.

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No need to rent a car. Take the train from Edinburgh to Inverness. Lots to do there! You could even cut out Dublin and stay in Inverness the whole time. There are great trips to Orkney, Skye, etc. from Inverness.