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The 'Traditional' Culture of Scotland

Hi :)

I am going to be missing the Tattoo by a couple of weeks (am very disapointed about that) but I would love to see some of the traditional dancing etc of Scotland. I will be in Edinburgh from the 8th - 11th September and I was wondering if anyone knows of or can point me in the right direction of what I am looking for?

For example (and it doesnt need to be to this degree) in New Zealand they have Maori concerts where you can see the traditional dress and dancing. Sometimes there is even the option of having a hungi (the way they used to cook their food). Personally haggis really doesnt appeal to me, so I'm not really after the food aspect.

But any help would be appreciated :)


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Google "highland games" and see if there's one of those going on during the time you'll be there

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Hi betty

I will be there from 8th - 11th September its not a very long trip, but i am very grateful that I get to go :)

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Go to and look in the visitor's guide and what's on. There's a separate search for Highland Games, but you can also search events in general by date.

If you want to hear some traditional fiddle music try Sandy's Bells in Edinburgh, the music bar in Dunkeld, and other pubs. Also, check out the Gig Guide at . You will want to keep checking until you go.


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Leeana -
There is a "Traditional Scottish Experience" called The Scottish Experience. Its situated on The Royal Mile. They offer a 4 course dinner with dancing - its like a ceilidh. Cheesy - maybe. But I just did a similar one in Ireland and had a ball!

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Leeana, I thought you might be spending more time in Scotland as a whole and not just those few days in Edinburgh. I had a couple of suggestions; but you don't have time for them. Never mind.

I had a quick google and came up with and which might help you.

Maybe you should try the Edinburgh Forum on Trip Advisor and speak to the locals who are better placed to help you. Have a good trip.

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Thank you so much for all of your help (i wish i got to stay longer too - but there is always the next time!!)

I will be checking out those links tomorrow (its kinda late here atm :))

once again, thank you so much for your help!