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The Lake District - April 2014 (with children)

Hi Everyone. we are planning on visiting the Lake District in April 2014. Two adults, two children (6 and 9 yrs. old). We'd like to rent a cottage and make day trips. Can anyone recommend which village and/or area in the Lakes which would provide enough shopping for groceries and a pub or two for evening meals? Keeping in mind that some shops for the children to find interesting (ice cream shops are always a hit) for evening strolls. But also somewhat centrally located for day tripping.
Thanks so much.

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Yep. Keswick.
My opinion is that all the other LD towns on the main road are very crowded, trafficy, and uber touristy. The more rural ones won't have enough to keep your kids busy. Keswick is not cramped feeling, it's right on beautiful Derwentwater, with lots of hiking right out of town or from the old-timey, wooden launches that circle the lake. The LD isn't big and, if you have a car, you can get to everything in no time. Great restaurants of all kinds in town, nice grocery store, cute playground/mini-golf down by the lake, and a big, beautiful, grassy hill at the end of the lake for the kids to run around amongst the sheep while you enjoy the perfect view. Lots to see and do with kids! Enjoy!

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It would almost have to be Keswick. My husband and I just got back from the Lake District last week. We stayed in Seatoller which is in the Borrowdale valley. It is a beautiful area but Keswick is really the only place to buy anything. As the previous post said the LD is not very big so you don't have to drive a long distance between places but with the narrow roads it can take longer than usual. Since you have kids you will want to be close to Keswick. Have fun! It is a beautiful area and we are planning our return trip.
P.S. I'm from Copley, sure do miss home.

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Thank you all for your help - Keswick it is!!

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Hawkshead is a nice are, Hill Top Farm home of Beatrix Potter(author of Peter Rabbit) is located there.

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Hi, I live in the area and only know of this website as currently on holiday in the US and watched Rick on the tv in our hotel room talking about where we live! With reference to the Lake District, yes I thought of Keswick it does have many advantages but I think I would go for Ambleside, plenty of pubs, restaurants, nice shops and quaint shops, it's more central too and you can nip quickly (as quickly as you can in summer in the lakes) to other valleys and places. I like Keswick but it lacks charm and is very very busy, it is good for visiting other places as it is quite close to the motorway so if you want to nip to southern Scotland or the Yorkshire Dales even across to York or Durham or the remote and beautiful high pennines. If coming to lakes have you thought about choice of hire car? The weather? It is always very busy in summer especially weekends! The roads are quite narrow. If you want anymore info on places just let me know.