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The best Irish airport to fly in - Shannon vs Dublin

I am going to Ireland this summer and would like the advice of a seasoned traveler on which airport to arrive and depart from.

My itinerary is flexible but will include Dublin.

Many thanks - Richard

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Shannon Airport I think is better, but of course everyone's thinking is different.

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Shannon is much smaller which means less people. Dublin is larger and not laid out all that well. I would choose Shannon if I were you, but here's a bit of advice if you go with Dublin: before entering the departure area of the building, look on the front of the building where the airlines are listed and make sure you enter the door closest to your airline. The taxis tend to drop everyone off at the first departure door, but most American departures are near the second door. Dublin is a busy airport and the line system is not good. If you enter at the wrong end, you will stand in literal gridlock with little hope of reaching your airline's check-in area.

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We have been to Ireland six times and used both airports. We were there in March and used Shannon again.It is just more convenient because it is smaller and less crowded.(Last month we came home from Rome's airport and it was unbelievably hectic.)
Whichever you chose though, you will love Ireland!! What a beautiful country.

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Shannon is by far easier to get in and out of because of its smaller size. Dublin at times can be a complete zoo.It is easier to fly into Dublin and out of Shannon than doing the reverse.