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Thank you Gift Ideas for New Friends, B&B Hosts, Etc. in Great Britain

What are some good ideas for "thank you" gifts or interesting "reverse souvenirs" to give to our B&B hosts or new friends we meet on our travels through Great Britain?

We'd like to carry a few inexpensive, yet thoughtful "thank you" or "nice to meet" you items to share with others. We're from Utah and Wyoming, so maybe there are some unique local items we can bring along with us to Great Britain.

Also, I guess I'm wondering if it's appropriate to give our hosts "thank you" gifts or if this would be considered offensive.

Thanks for your help.

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I realize this is a little weird, but I happened to know that two of our B&B hosts in Yorkshire and one of our B&B hosts in Cirencester had dogs, so I took dog toys. :-) They loved them - because all of us dog owners love our dogs, of course!! :-)

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Magents from your state or city would be nice. Or travel patches. Pretty pics of your "area" (small size)you took yourself and framed (Dollar General is great for this) and as you give things away, you free up room for your own souvenirs. Local candy or other food items have been suggessted before, but only if you check a bag.

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I have to 'ditto' what Lauren said somethingsmall from your area is great idea and has worked for me!

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Some stores have little pocket calendars specific to your area showing off the Wyoming scenery.