Tesco store Dublin airport

Hi. We are flying into Dublin in a few weeks. Would like to stop at a Tesco store on way to Kilkenny to pick up a disposable cell phone to use. Does anyone have the address of the Tesco store? Thank you!

Posted by Tod
San Diego, CA, USA
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The area right near the airport is called Swords - follow the sign from the roundabout just outside the airport. There is a Car Phone Warehouse which a lot of people mention for phones as well as bunch of other stores at the Pavillions mall about 5km away. http://www.pavilions.ie/category/store-types/electronics/ There are also larger, more big box store malls a little further away than that. Hope that helps,

Posted by Linda
Bromley, Kent,, UK
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We have cheap not "disposable" mobile phones this side of the Pond. If you don't want to keep the phone for future visits consider donating it to a charity shop when you leave. Kinder to the environment because the parts are are recycled or they are sent to developing countries for further use.

Posted by Nigel
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Thanks, Linda, for saying just what I was about to, but you say it better.

Posted by Jim
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Karen - If you have a newer smart phone (or regular phone from AT&T or T-Mobile - GSM), call your carrier and see if they'll unlock it for international travel. You can just buy a SIM from Tesco, it into the phone and you'll be good to go. I have an unlocked iPhone 3 and it worked perfectly - when I was at Tesco, a sim was €10, but if you purchased a top-up of €10 or more, the SIM was free... Check what offers they have in the store - right now online it appears that a SIM is €2.50. Jim